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Are Concert Presale Tickets Cheaper Than General Release?

Are presale tickets a cost-effective way to secure your spot at your favourite concert?

How do they compare to the general release tickets in terms of pricing?

In this article, we will explore whether concert presale tickets are usually cheaper than general release tickets.

Are Tickets Cheaper During Presale?

Presale tickets, in essence, are tickets released before the general sale, offering early access to select groups of individuals. These exclusive groups may include VIPs,or loyal fans.

This early access can be enticing, but it doesn't necessarily mean that presale tickets are always cheaper.

Generally speaking, presale tickets are a good way to secure tickets to an event that is likely to sell out later. However, they are unlikely to be much cheaper than general release tickets.

Factors Affecting Ticket Prices

Demand And Popularity

The more sought-after an event is, the higher the ticket prices are likely to be. Presale tickets may reflect this increased demand but aren't inherently cheaper.

VIP And Loyal Customers

Presale tickets are typically reserved for special groups, including VIPs and loyal customers. These individuals may receive access to presale tickets at a premium, sometimes before general release.


Buying a ticket during the presale phase may give you the advantage of securing your spot early, but it doesn't guarantee a lower price.

Seat Allocation

It's important to remember that when purchasing tickets, you're not just paying for the event but also for your seat. The seat's location and proximity to the stage can significantly impact the price.

Organiser Decisions

Ultimately, the decisions made by event organisers and artists play a pivotal role in ticket pricing. They consider the economic aspects, venue costs, and their own financial goals.


If early access to tickets is a priority for you, presale tickets may be worth considering, but be aware of potential cost fluctuations.

To get the best possible deal, keep a close eye on ticket availability and remember to factor in any additional fees. Good luck securing tickets to your desired event!