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Why Some Tickets Not Eligible For Resale On Ticketmaster?

Can't sell your tickets on Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster, a leading platform for event ticket sales, takes ticket resale seriously. They want to ensure that the ticketing process remains fair and secure for both buyers and sellers.

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Let's explore the reasons why selling tickets isn't an option for some events on their website.

Why Is The "Sell Tickets" Button Greyed Out On Ticketmaster?

Event Organiser's Decision

The event organiser or artist may choose not to enable ticket resale for their event.

Inclusion of Add-Ons

If your original ticket order includes add-ons such as car park passes or early entry privileges, you may not be able to resell your tickets separately.

These additional items are bundled with your tickets and cannot be sold individually.

Event Timing

Ticketmaster imposes a restriction for events that are within five working days.

This ensures that last-minute ticket sales do not disrupt the event's logistics or cause confusion among attendees.

Payment With A Gift Card

Ticketmaster Gift Card, A perfect present for every event enthusiast

If you made your ticket purchase using a gift card, whether partially or entirely, this may prevent you from selling the tickets.

Ticketmaster's resale system might not accommodate this specific payment method.

Tickets Purchased From Resale

If you initially bought your tickets from a resale source, such as a secondary ticketing platform, you won't be able to resell them on Ticketmaster.

This policy is in place to prevent the proliferation of tickets in the secondary market.

Theatre Shows

Ticket resale for theatre shows is often restricted due to the unique seating arrangements and the need for careful seat allocation.

Festival Tickets With Payment Plans

For festival-goers who purchased their tickets using a payment plan or deposit scheme, individual ticket resale might not be an option, as these tickets are often considered part of a package.

Accessible Tickets

Tickets designated as accessible may have restrictions on resale to ensure that they are available to those who require them.


While not all events support resale, Ticketmaster continues to work towards expanding the availability of verified resale tickets.

Should you encounter limitations on ticket resale, Ticketmaster's customer support can provide clarity on the resale eligibility of your tickets.