Attendees enjoying a live concert event

How To Gift Concert Tickets To Someone

Are you looking for the perfect way to surprise a loved one with an unforgettable gift?

Concert tickets can be an excellent choice, offering the opportunity to create lasting memories.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to gift concert tickets to someone.

Step 1: Choose The Concert And Seats

The first step in gifting concert tickets is to choose the concert you know they'll love and select the seats.

Start by researching the upcoming concerts in your area or the recipient's location.

Make sure it's an artist or band they're passionate about. Check the concert date and venue to align with their schedule - don’t buy tickets for an event that’s on while they’re on holiday elsewhere!

Step 2: Purchase The Tickets

Once you've picked the perfect concert and seats, it's time to purchase the tickets.

Most tickets can be bought online through various platforms, including official websites, ticketing agencies, and even social media.

While purchasing, make sure to add any special features or services, like parking passes or early access.

Also be sure to purchase the tickets in the recipient’s name, not your own! Use your email address but their email address so that the tickets are delivered to you, but usable by them.

Step 3: Decide How To Give The Tickets

The final step is deciding how to present the tickets as a gift. Here are a few creative options:

Printing the tickets and delivering them in person or by mail adds a personal touch to the gift.

You can use a beautifully designed envelope or package to make the experience even more special.

Transfer via Email or Mobile Device

Many ticket-selling websites offer the option to transfer tickets to the recipient's email address or mobile device. This is a convenient and eco-friendly choice.

Once you transfer the tickets to them (usually on the day you’re planning on giving them the tickets), they will receive an email to accept the tickets, and you will be notified when they do.

Create A Personalised Gift Receipt

Some ticket-selling websites, like Ticketmaster, allow you to create a gift receipt.

This is an ideal choice if you want to give the recipient something physical to open, which is a bit nicer than just an email.


Gifting concert tickets can be a delightful experience for both you and the recipient.

It shows that you've put thought into their interests and created an opportunity for them to enjoy a fantastic live performance.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that everything goes smoothly.