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Can You Resell Tickets On Facebook Marketplace?

Have you ever found yourself with extra concert tickets you can’t use? Maybe your plans changed or you scored better seats after your initial purchase.

The idea of reselling them on Facebook Marketplace might have crossed your mind. However, before you go ahead, there are some important points to consider.

Ticket Reselling On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook’s Commerce Policy restricts or bans the sale of tickets to events.

This broad category encompasses various types of event tickets, including those for concerts, sporting events, plays, and other forms of live entertainment.

While the policy is clear in this regard, there is no specific mention of reselling tickets on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace, a virtual buy and sell platform

Given the absence of a specific policy against reselling tickets, it is technically possible to list tickets for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Types of marketplace listings that are allowed on Facebook

However, potential sellers should be aware of the risks involved.

Facebook has the authority to remove listings or suspend user accounts, which may occur if you attempt to sell tickets on the platform.

Why Facebook Prohibits The Sale Of Tickets

  1. To protect consumers from fraud: Fake tickets are a rampant issue in the ticket resale market. Facebook aims to protect its users from being scammed by avoiding the sale of tickets on its platform.
  2. To prevent counterfeit tickets: Counterfeit tickets are another significant problem in the ticket resale market.
  3. To protect intellectual property: Ticket sellers own the intellectual property rights to their tickets. Facebook respects these rights by refraining from allowing ticket sales.


While Facebook Marketplace offers an array of opportunities for buying and selling various items, it’s not the ideal platform for reselling event tickets.

Exploring alternative platforms that specialise in ticket resale may offer a safer and more secure environment for both buyers and sellers.

Examples in Australia include Tixel, Viagogo and TicketSwap.