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Can I Print Ticketek Mobile Tickets?

Are you wondering if you can print your Ticketek mobile tickets and use the printed version for event entry?

Ticketek's mobile ticketing system offers a convenient way to access your event tickets, but there are cases where you might prefer to have a physical copy of your ticket.

Is that an option? Let's find out.

Can Ticketek Mobile Tickets Be Printed?

Access tickets with a few clicks on Ticketek mobile app

Ticketek Mobile Tickets have revolutionised the ticketing experience, allowing you to store your event tickets conveniently on your mobile device.

This innovative approach offers several advantages, including reduced environmental impact, ease of access, and enhanced security.

However, if you find comfort in holding a physical ticket in your hand, Ticketek provides an option known as Print-At-Home (PDF) Tickets.

Ticketek's ezyTicket™ is the solution for those who prefer a hard copy of their tickets. These are print-at-home PDF tickets and are currently available for selected events.

Each ezyTicket™ PDF attachment represents an individual ticket to the show, complete with a unique barcode that must be scanned for entry.

If you've purchased multiple tickets, it's essential to print each separate ezyTicket™ PDF to ensure a smooth entry at the event.

It's worth noting that the ezyTicket™ delivery option is currently available for specific events only.

However, Ticketek, in collaboration with promoters and venues, is considering expanding the number of events that offer ezyTicket™ as an option.


By offering both digital and physical ticketing options, Ticketek aims to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences, ensuring that your event entry is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Whether you opt for mobile tickets or printed ezyTickets™, Ticketek strives to provide you with a hassle-free and convenient ticketing experience.