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Average Concert Ticket Price Australia - What's Typical?

Is attending a live concert increasingly feeling like a luxury purchase?

In recent years, concert ticket prices have become a hot topic of discussion, especially with the increasing demand for live performances since the end of the pandemic.

Australia has a vibrant music scene, and attending concerts is a popular pastime. What should you expect to pay for the experience?

Average Concert Ticket Costs in Australia

On average, concert ticket prices in Australia range from approximately $50 to $200.

These prices can change based on various factors, including the artist, the location of the concert, and the seating arrangement.

It's important to note that while this is the general price range, some concerts may cost considerably more.

For instance, VIP tickets or tickets to highly anticipated events can sometimes exceed $200.

In recent years, not only in Australia but globally, ticket prices for live performances have witnessed a substantial increase.

According to Live Performance Australia, from 2004 to 2019, the average Australian ticket price for a live performance grew from around $55 to almost $93.

This steady increase suggests that concert tickets are becoming pricier as the years go on.

Does It Vary By Performer?

The cost of a concert ticket in Australia can indeed vary depending on the performer.

Big-name international artists often command higher prices for their shows.

For example, last June, tickets to Taylor Swift's first Australian tour in five years went on sale, with some VIP tickets going for up to a staggering $1,250 each.

All tickets sold out within hours, highlighting the willingness of fans to pay a premium for their favourite artists.

Concert ticket prices are not uniform, and they can vary not only by performer but also due to economic and demand-driven factors.


With the growing demand for live performances and the influence of the resale market, it's no surprise that ticket prices are on the rise.

So, the next time you're looking to attend a concert, be prepared to consider these factors when deciding how much you're willing to pay for an unforgettable musical experience.