Tickets not showing up on order history after purchase

Ticketek Tickets Not Yet Available - Why?

Bought tickets from Ticketek only to discover that they aren't accessible yet? Wondering why this happens?

We’ll take a look at why this happens, and let you know what to do if your tickets are still not accessible.

Reasons For Delayed Ticket Availability

Event Promoter Or Venue Request

For some events, ticket delivery and collection may be delayed at the request of the event promoter or venue. These delays are often beyond the control of Ticketek.

Promoters or venues may choose to hold back ticket releases for various reasons, such as building anticipation or ensuring ticket distribution aligns with their event planning.

Prevent Scalping

Some event promoters are attempting to limit scalping by delaying ticket availability until right before an event commences. This gives scalpers less time to sell their tickets, discouraging them from this practice.

Delivery Method And External Delays

The availability of your Ticketek tickets may also depend on the chosen delivery method.

Depending on whether you've selected electronic delivery or physical tickets, there may be variations in when they become accessible.

Furthermore, external factors like postal delays can influence ticket arrival times.

Last-Minute Ticket Release

In some cases, tickets for an event may not be released until a mere 24 to 48 hours before the event date.

This last-minute release strategy is commonly seen for events with high demand or for events with evolving logistical details.

If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry; it's a deliberate strategy to ensure ticket security and efficient distribution.

What To Do If Your Ticket Is Still Unavailable

Check for Delivery Delays

The first step is to determine whether there is a delivery delay for your event.

Checking Ticketek live updates for delivery delays

Visit Ticketek's Ticket Delivery Live Updates, which can be found on your event page. Here, you can stay updated on any changes regarding ticket availability.

Log Into Your Order History

If the event date is looming and you haven't received your tickets, take matters into your own hands. Log into your Order History on Ticketek's website or the Ticketek app.

From there, you can download a PDF copy of your ticket (or at least your receipt), which you can then print out. This ensures that you have your ticket in hand for the event, regardless of any potential delays.

Request Ticket Resending

In the rare instance that you can't access your online order history, don't panic. Ticketek offers a solution in the form of a general inquiry request.

Reach out to Ticketek, and they will assist you by resending your ticket, ensuring that you don't miss the event due to unforeseen complications.


While it can be frustrating to eagerly await your Ticketek tickets, there are often valid reasons for their delayed availability.

Your tickets will likely be in your possession when the event day arrives, ensuring you can fully enjoy the experience you've been looking forward to.