Hassle-free reselling tickets with Eventbrite

Can You Resell Tickets On Eventbrite?

Wondering if it’s possible to resell tickets on Eventbrite?

Perhaps you bought tickets to an event, but your plans have changed, and you’re looking for a way to get your money back.

Rest assured, Eventbrite offers a solution for reselling tickets. They’ve teamed up with Tixel, a verified ticket resale specialist, making it hassle-free for ticket holders to resell.

Selling Eventbrite tickets with Tixel

How To Resell Tickets On Eventbrite Through Tixel

Step 1: Log in with Eventbrite on Tixel’s Seller Page

To start the process of reselling your Eventbrite tickets, you’ll need to visit Tixel’s seller page. From there, select “Log in with Eventbrite'' and enter your sign-in credentials.

Logging in on Eventbrite's website

Step 2: Fetching your Event Tickets

Once you’ve granted Tixel access to your Eventbrite account, the platform will automatically retrieve your event tickets.

Allowing Tixel to access Eventbrite account

Step 3: Select and Price Your Tickets

After your tickets have been fetched, you can select the tickets you wish to resell and set your desired selling price.

Step 4: Verification and Listing

Once you've chosen your tickets and set their prices, Tixel will initiate a verification process to ensure the authenticity of your tickets.

When your tickets are already verified, Tixel will list them for sale on their platform, making them accessible to potential buyers.

Step 5: Transfer of Proceeds

When your tickets sell, Tixel will promptly transfer the proceeds to your accounts, allowing you to recoup your investment effortlessly.

What If You Can’t Access Your Eventbrite Account?

Sometimes, it might not be possible to access your Eventbrite account; perhaps the tickets were bought by another person.

Don’t worry; you can still list them on Tixel by providing the tickets via email or PDF. This flexibility ensures that even if you didn’t buy the tickets yourself, you can still resell them.


Reselling tickets on Eventbrite is not only convenient but also safe.

By utilising a verified ticket resale site like Tixel, you can rest easy knowing that your tickets are genuine and that you’ll receive your money promptly.