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Stubhub Review - Are Their Resale Tickets Legit/Safe?

Should you consider StubHub for resale tickets?

Whether you're looking for tickets to a sold-out concert, a thrilling sporting event, or a captivating theatre performance, StubHub is a name that frequently surfaces.

However, like any online marketplace, it raises questions about the reliability, safety, and transparency of its ticketing process.

Is their platform trustworthy? Let's find out.

How Does StubHub Work?

StubHub, a major player in the ticket resale market for over two decades, offers a user-friendly platform for both buyers and sellers.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Anyone looking to sell tickets can create an account on StubHub. Sellers list their tickets, but to maintain user safety, they're required to add a valid credit card.
  2. When a customer decides to purchase a ticket, the seller must deliver the tickets to the buyer to complete the sale.
  3. Once the tickets are sold, StubHub processes the payment to the seller, typically within 5-8 business days after the event.

This process aims to facilitate secure transactions between buyers and sellers.

What Makes Them Different?

FanProtect Guarantee

100% confidence with buying and selling with Stubhub FanProtect

StubHub offers a unique FanProtect Guarantee, assuring buyers that they will receive valid tickets or get their money back.

This guarantee provides peace of mind to those worried about the legitimacy of their purchased tickets.

Event Cancellation Protection

In the unfortunate event that a scheduled event is cancelled and not rescheduled, StubHub goes the extra mile.

They offer buyers a choice between a full refund or a 120% credit towards a future purchase. This ensures that you won't be left out of pocket due to unforeseen cancellations.

User-Friendly Platform

StubHub regularly updates its website and mobile app to provide a seamless buying experience.

They also offer 3D seat views, making it easier to find the best seats available, and mobile entry options for many events.

Easy access of Stubhub tickets on mobile phone

Is StubHub Reliable?

Listing Cancellation Fee

selling on Stubhub website

Some sellers have reported being charged a fee by StubHub when they removed their listing due to reasons such as the tickets not being sold or containing errors.

This practice has left some sellers frustrated.

Lack Of Customer Support

Stubhub customer support for enquiries

There have been complaints about inadequate customer support. Some users have found it challenging to resolve issues or get the assistance they need promptly.

Non-Delivery Of Tickets

A few instances have been reported where buyers did not receive the tickets they purchased.

This issue can cause considerable stress, especially when events are just around the corner.

Tickets For The Wrong Event

Mistakes can happen, and there have been cases of users receiving tickets for a different event than the one they ordered. Ensuring accuracy in ticket delivery is crucial.

These issues emphasise the importance of thoroughly reviewing and understanding StubHub's policies and terms before engaging in any transactions.

User Reviews on External Website

StubHub has received a low rating of 1.6 stars out of 5 based on a limited number of reviews. These ratings suggest a generally dissatisfied customer base.


On Trustpilot, StubHub fares no better, with a 1.6/5 rating based on over 1,600 reviews. The sheer volume of reviews indicates widespread disappointment.


On Sitejabber, the rating is slightly higher, at 1.81/5, with over 1,000 reviews. However, this still indicates significant room for improvement.

These ratings highlight the need for potential users to exercise caution and consider alternative options when purchasing tickets.

Safeguards And Guarantees

While StubHub offers notable guarantees, as highlighted earlier, user reviews indicate that these guarantees may not always be fulfilled in practice.

The FanProtect Guarantee and Event Cancellation Guarantee are reassuring, but many users have reported challenges in obtaining refunds or suitable ticket replacements for cancelled events or instances of receiving incorrect tickets.

Transparency About Fees

Stubhub displaying fees before checkout

StubHub acknowledges the necessity of fees to maintain a secure ticket-buying environment.

Their fee structure is intricate and influenced by factors like ticket price, time to the event, and supply and demand.

While this complexity may create some uncertainty, it's crucial to understand that StubHub charges a fee when fans buy and sell tickets on their platform.

Importantly, listing tickets on StubHub is free; fees are only collected when tickets are successfully sold, and these fees can fluctuate based on market dynamics.

Comparing Stubhub To Other Ticket Resale Sites

Feature StubHub Other Ticket Resale Sites
Authenticity of Tickets Mixed reviews on ticket validity despite FanProtect Guarantee Some sites have tickets verified by them
Secure Checkout Challenges with security and customer support Reliable security with positive feedback
Money-back Guarantee Mixed feedback on StubHub’s ability to fulfil guarantees Guarantees on other websites are often honoured
Fee Transparency Complex fee structure with potential uncertainty May offer straightforward fee policies

StubHub Alternatives

These days, StubHub isn’t a common platform to buy and sell event tickets in Australia. These sites are much more popular, and tend to have a much larger ticket inventory:


StubHub presents itself as a reliable option for securing event tickets in Australia with its FanProtect Guarantee and event cancellation policy.

However, user reviews suggest that these guarantees may not always be consistently honoured.

When choosing StubHub for your ticket needs, be aware of these potential drawbacks and exercise due diligence.