Ticket reselling sites available in Australia

Best Ticket Resale Sites Australia - For Buying & Selling

Are you in search of the best ticket resale sites, either as a buyer looking to secure tickets for an upcoming event or as a seller wanting to part ways with those extra tickets you can't use?

In Australia, there are multiple options to consider when it comes to choosing the right platform for your ticketing needs.

Here's a closer look at what each of these key ticket resale platforms offers to help you decide which one aligns with your preferences.

Feature The Ticket
TicketSwap Tixel Viagogo Ticketek
Authenticity of Tickets Only sell tickets from verified resellers SecureSwap invalidation of old tickets where possible Partner with primary ticket vendors to invalidate old tickets No guarantee of ticket quality All tickets guaranteed as valid All tickets guaranteed as valid
Why choose them? Secure checkout with buy now, pay later option Safe process and fast ticket delivery Secure checkout with user-friendly platform Payment to sellers only upon successful event entry Secure but website needs improvement Secured fan-to-fan ticket transfers
Money-back Guarantee 100% guarantee for every ticket sold Assured payment for sellers and refund for buyers Buyer guarantee; Seller funds released 24-48 hours after event Reported issues in getting refunds Official platform with guarantee but with reported customer concerns Official platform with 100% money-back guarantee
Buyer Fees $7.95 per ticket 8% of transaction amount 8.9% of transaction amount Variable booking and service fees $0 - Fees included in listed price $14.95 per transaction
Seller Fees N/A - cannot sell tickets 5% of ticket price 5.9% of ticket price Variable None Variable

Reliable ticketing website, The Ticket Merchant

The Ticket Merchant: A Trusted Ticket Marketplace in Australia


  • Tickets sourced only from verified resellers
  • Flexibility in payment with buy now, pay later option
  • 100% guarantee on ticket authenticity
  • Diverse event selection
  • Large inventory with variety of seating options for each event
  • User-friendly purchasing process
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Smooth ticket delivery


  • Prices typically higher than other resale sites
  • Not suitable for third-party sellers
  • Limited selection of tickets for some events
  • No mobile app for easy access

The Ticket Merchant, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, has built a commendable reputation with over 15 years in the ticketing industry.

Their mission revolves around offering a wide spectrum of event tickets, both within Australia and globally.

The Ticket Merchant ensures buyers have access to tickets that are sourced from reputable resellers, guaranteeing the authenticity of the tickets.

What's more, they provide a flexible Buy Now, Pay Later option, which adds a layer of convenience to the payment process.

Buy now, pay later option with ZipPay

Their online platform offers a seamless user experience, and you can have complete confidence in the assurance of 100% authenticity backing your every purchase.

They charge fees of $7.95 per ticket purchased.

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Secure swapping of tickets with Ticketswap

Ticketswap: Secure Ticket Swaps


  • Validity of resold tickets confirmed with SecureSwap
  • Partnerships with various events
  • Strong emphasis on seller verification
  • Access anytime, anywhere on mobile app
  • Readily available customer service


  • Availability of tickets depends on sellers, poor for some Australian events

TicketSwap, an Australian platform designed for buying and selling event tickets, places a strong emphasis on ensuring ticket authenticity.

They feature a unique SecureSwap system, which provides buyers with new tickets, guaranteeing the legitimacy of their purchase.

Verified legit tickets with SecureSwap

TicketSwap ensures that tickets resold on their platform are legitimate through SecureSwap.

They have partnerships with over 6,000 events, offering a wide selection. Security-conscious buyers will appreciate their robust user verification process.

Sellers can conveniently manage their ticket listings using the TicketSwap mobile app, available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Additionally, a reliable customer service team is available to assist sellers through the selling process.

Expect to pay 8% in fees as a buyer, and 5% in fees as a seller.

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Buy safe and sell easy with Tixel

Tixel: A Hassle-Free Platform For Ticket Resale


  • Provides a money-back guarantee
  • Ensure listings comply with resale laws
  • Collaborations with major ticketing companies
  • Ticket invalidation to eliminate scams
  • Wide range of tickets available
  • Committed to fair pricing
  • Reliable and secure platform


  • Relatively high fees
  • Limited to digital tickets

Tixel offers a hassle-free and reliable platform for reselling event tickets.

Their platform spans a wide spectrum of experiences, including gigs, festivals, theatre performances, concerts, parties, exhibitions, sporting events, and conferences.

They take pride in supporting tickets from major issuers like Ticketmaster, Ticketek, and Eventbrite.

Selling Eventbrite tickets on Tixel

Tixel provides a money-back guarantee for buyers, ensuring satisfaction with their purchases.

They also enforce stringent measures to ensure that ticket listings comply with resale laws, guaranteeing the authenticity of the tickets. Buyers have access to a diverse array of event tickets.

As a seller, you'll appreciate Tixel's official partnerships with major ticketing companies. They offer added security and a wide range of ticket options, making it a trusted platform for sellers.

However, keep in mind that there may be credit card and banking fees associated with selling on Tixel, and the platform primarily deals with digital tickets.

Expect to pay 8.9% in fees as a buyer, and 5.9% as a seller.

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Global ticket marketplace Viagogo

Viagogo: Global Ticket Resale Platform With A Vast Selection


  • Vast and diverse event listings
  • Ticket delivery through tracked courier
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Large community of buyers and sellers


  • Reported scams and fraudulent activities
  • Poor customer service
  • Garnered a bunch of negative reviews from users
  • Overpricing issues
  • Difficulties in getting refunds
  • Fee structure opaque

Viagogo is a globally recognised ticket resale platform, allowing third-party sellers to list and sell tickets.

They offer access to a vast selection of live event listings, but there are certain considerations for both buyers and sellers.

Viagogo provides a wide range of choices with extensive event listings.

Their secure delivery system ensures that buyers receive their tickets safely. The website is easy to navigate, and it boasts a large community of users.

Sellers on Viagogo benefit from a large user base, increasing their chances of successful ticket sales.

Selling extra tickets on Viagogo site

However, it's important to note that there have been reported incidents of scams, and some users have voiced concerns about customer service quality.

Their fees are variable and can be hefty at times. This leads to Viagogo tending to be more expensive than other resale platforms.

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Ticketek's own platform for buying and selling tickets

Ticketek Marketplace: A Trusted Option For Ticketek Customers


  • Access to exclusive events not found on other platforms
  • Offers last-minute deals
  • Guaranteed validity of all sale transactions
  • Transparent fees for buyers and sellers
  • Flexible pricing for sellers


  • Can only resell tickets bought on Ticketek
  • Reported issues with ticket delivery
  • Website is not as fast and responsive
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Delayed payment of sellers

Ticketek Marketplace is a platform where customers can both buy and sell event tickets that we originally purchased on Ticketek.

It offers several unique advantages to both buyers and sellers.

Buyers have access to exclusive events and last-minute deals through Ticketek Marketplace.

As they only deal with tickets sold through their primary platform, they can guarantee the validity of all tickets sold.

Ticket reselling process on Ticketek

Sellers can set ticket prices below face value, at face value, or up to 10% above face value, ensuring fair pricing for buyers and preventing price gouging.

However, sellers have reported issues with ticket delivery, slow website performance, and unresponsive customer service.

On the plus side, there aren’t any fees charged to sellers, and the prices listed to buyers are inclusive of all fees, making it easy to see what kind of deal you are getting.

Take a look at this Ticketek Marketplace review for more information.

Official platform for selling tickets purchased from Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster Resale: An Official Platform


  • Ticket authenticity assurance
  • Allows the transfer of tickets to other fans
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Secure and official platform for selling and buying tickets


  • Limited profit for seller because of price regulations
  • Limited to events affiliated with Ticketmaster
  • Substantial buyer fees
  • Opaque seller fees

Ticketmaster Resale is an official platform associated with Ticketmaster, providing fans with the opportunity to purchase and sell tickets for a wide range of events. Only tickets originally sold through Ticketmaster are eligible.

The platform offers the Fan Guarantee, assuring buyers of ticket authenticity.

Trustworthy tickets with Ticketmaster Fan Guarantee

Ticketmaster Resale offers ticket authenticity assurance and allows the transfer of tickets to other fans. They follow regulations to ensure fair pricing, making it an attractive option for buyers.

Sellers may find their pricing flexibility limited due to price regulations, especially as the seller fees charged by Ticketmaster are included in the 110% price limit mandated by the Australian government.

Expect to pay $14.95 per transaction as a buyer on Ticketmaster Resale. Seller fees are variable and disclosed when listing your ticket.

More information is available in this Ticketmaster Resale review.


The Australian ticket resale market offers a range of platforms, each with its own unique characteristics tailored to both buyers and sellers.

Whether you're an avid concertgoer, a sports enthusiast, or an event ticket holder looking to recoup your investment, these platforms are here to cater to your needs.

As a buyer, you need to weigh up your preferences for getting the cheapest possible ticket, versus getting the safest possible ticket. As a seller, you need to weigh up paying the least possible fees, versus selling your tickets and recovering your funds quickly.

Ultimately, these concerns will dictate which platform you use.

We hope this comprehensive guide has shed light on the options available in the ticket resale market, helping you embark on a ticket-buying or selling journey that meets your specific needs.