Reselling tickets on the global platform Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster Resale Review - Legit? How Does It Work?

Can Ticketmaster Resale be trusted for buying or selling tickets?

Ticketmaster Resale, offered by the renowned ticketing platform Ticketmaster, enables people to buy and sell event tickets within the secondary ticket market.

In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the details of the platform, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

How Does Ticketmaster Resale Work?

Getting tickets to sold-out events with Ticketmaster Fan-to-Fan Resale

Ticketmaster Resale offers a straightforward process for sellers to transfer their unwanted tickets to eager buyers.

Here's how it works:

  1. The ticket holder can list tickets they previously purchased on the Ticketmaster website.
  2. Sellers have the flexibility to set the price of their tickets. The price can be up to 110% of the original purchase price or less, depending on the seller's preference.
  3. Once the ticket is listed, potential buyers can purchase it. When a buyer makes a purchase, the seller receives the payment, and the ticket is transferred to the buyer.

When bought, Ticketmaster verifies and reissues the ticket in the buyer's name. Unsold tickets remain available for the seller's personal use.

What Makes Them Different From Other Resale Sites?

Verification Process

Tickets issued are 100% legitimate and verified by Ticketmaster

As Ticketmaster is a primary ticket seller, they are in a unique position to ensure that all tickets listed on their platform are genuine, providing both buyers and sellers with peace of mind.

This means that when you purchase a ticket through Ticketmaster Resale, you can trust that it's authentic and valid for entry to the event.

Fan Guarantee

Buyers are guaranteed official tickets, making it a secure marketplace for transactions between fans.

This assurance is vital in an era where fraudulent ticket sales can lead to disappointment and financial loss.

Buyer Reach

Ticketmaster Resale is part of the larger Ticketmaster network, which attracts thousands of potential buyers daily.

This wide-reaching network increases your chances of selling your tickets quickly, especially for popular events.

No Hidden Fees

Sellers receive a clear breakdown of the fees they will incur upon selling their tickets, eliminating any surprises.

Transparency in fee structures is a significant advantage for both sellers and buyers, ensuring that everyone understands the financial aspects of the transaction.

Is Ticketmaster Resale Reliable?

While Ticketmaster Resale offers an official platform for ticket reselling, there have been some concerns raised about its reliability based on user feedback.

Delayed Payment to Sellers

One common issue raised by sellers is the delay in receiving payment from Ticketmaster. This delay can be frustrating, as sellers expect prompt compensation.


Some buyers have reported overpriced tickets on the platform. The option for sellers to list tickets for up to 110% of the original price can lead to inflated prices, which might not align with the market value.

User Reviews on External Websites

Ticketmaster Resale rating on Product Review AU

On, Ticketmaster Resale has garnered a rating of 1.3 stars out of 5 based on over 100 reviews.

It's worth noting that these review sites tend to just attract disgruntled customers, and not the thousands of customers who have had a positive experience.

Safeguards And Guarantees

Ticketmaster Resale places a strong emphasis on creating a secure environment for both buyers and sellers.

However, it's important to be aware that not all events or tickets may be approved for resale by the event organiser.

Organisers can change the availability for resale at any time. If a ticket cannot be resold, you'll be informed during the listing process.

This ensures that sellers are aware of the conditions before they list their tickets.

Transparent Fees

Transparency in fee structures is a significant concern for ticket resale platforms.

Ticketmaster addresses this by offering sellers a clear preview of all listing details, including service fees, during the listing process. This allows sellers to understand the financial aspects of their transaction before committing to the sale.

Ticketmaster applies a resale fee to all tickets sold on its platform. While the fee typically amounts to around 10% of the ticket price, it may vary depending on the specific event.

It's important for sellers to be aware of these fees before listing their tickets, and they should carefully consider the total cost to ensure they're satisfied with the returns.

Buyers typically pay $14.95 to purchase resale tickets from Ticketmaster.

Comparing Ticketmaster Resale To Other Ticket Resale Sites

Feature Ticketmaster Resale Other Ticket Resale Sites
Authenticity of Tickets Ensures all tickets are genuine and verified for entry Authenticity is sometimes an issue
Secure Checkout Provides a secure marketplace for fan-to-fan transactions Security may be an issue
Money-back Guarantee Offers buyers official tickets, providing fan guarantee Some tickets are not verified by official platforms
Fees High - typically 10% for sellers and $14.95 for buyers Lower - typically 5-10% for buyers and sellers

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As you explore your options for ticket resale in Australia, keep in mind the factors mentioned in this review and consider the experiences of other users.

Make sure to do thorough research and read user reviews to make an informed choice that suits your ticket-buying or selling needs.